Humidifiers in Windsor, ON

Is your home too hot and “sticky” in the summer or too parched and dry in the winter? While winter is the season for humidifiers, dehumifidiers remove the excess moisture in the summer air.

In the winter, whether you use gas or electric heat; the air from your furnace will not only keep you warm, it will dry out the air in your home. Humidifiers, by sending small molecules of moisture into the air, can help keep you healthier and have added benefits like extending the life of your furniture.

In the summer, warm moist air is breeding ground for mould and viruses. Dehumidification will eliminate the environment for these “nasties” and have added benefits like prevent warping in wood products in your home.

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With proper humidity levels in your home, you'll have:

  • Reduce cold symptoms by making the air you breathe moist, which helps keep your lungs more elastic.
  • Reduce susceptibility to infection by keeping the mucus membranes of your throat and nasal passages moist allowing the tiny hairs (cilia) in both to work at expelling foreign objects such as mold, pet dander and bacteria.
  • Relieve and prevent dry, scratchy skin and lips.
  • Keep valuable wood furniture from drying out, cracking or warping.
  • Reduce static electricity, thus reducing the tiny shocks received from touching certain objects and other people.
  • Can help prevent wood floors from buckling and separating.
  • Reduce nosebleeds, as the air you breathe is moist. Humidifiers are not miracle workers, but they will help you save money on furniture repairs and trips to the doctor.

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